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We are proud to announce that Wolfeboro Boats are in production! We have been working for over a year on constructing molds, designing and rigging our boats and are excited to share them with you. 

Introducing the Wolfeboro Boats Classic 15, where timeless design meets cutting-edge technology. Crafted as a fully composite boat with no wood, this exceptional vessel offers the perfect fusion of classic charm and modern functionality.


Designed to cater to the needs of families, water sports enthusiasts, anglers, and cruisers, the Classic 15 boasts a spacious center console and an expansive deck, providing ample room for memorable family outings, thrilling water sports adventures, successful fishing trips, and relaxed cruising experiences.


One of the standout features of the Classic 15 is its innovative bilgeless design. Meticulously constructed with advanced composite materials, this boat ensures exceptional durability, strength, and longevity. With a one-bond foam core sandwiched between the deck and the hull, it achieves impressive buoyancy of over 2500 LBS while maintaining a rigid bond. This construction delivers enhanced safety and peace of mind while on the water.


The Classic 15's fully composite structure guarantees worry-free ownership and maintenance. By eliminating wood from its construction, the boat offers superior resistance to rot, decay, and warping, ensuring a long-lasting and hassle-free boating experience.


Simplicity and elegance are at the heart of the Classic 15's design philosophy. It stands out as one of the most streamlined and stylish small center consoles available in the market today. With its intuitive one-push operation using a remote battery switch, sleek stainless steel push buttons for lighting and accessories, and an integrated 12-gallon fuel tank seamlessly connected to the Garmin and Suzuki Gauge for convenient digital monitoring, this boat offers unparalleled ease of use.


Equipped with an advanced touchscreen Garmin system, the Classic 15 provides access to lake and coastal waters charts, enabling you to navigate with confidence. Additionally, the boat features a top-of-the-line JL Audio/Fusion sound system, delivering exceptional audio quality to enhance your on-water experience.

Experience the perfect blend of timeless design, state-of-the-art technology, and a fully composite construction with the Wolfeboro Boats Classic 15. Prepare to embark on unforgettable adventures and create lasting memories with your loved ones on the water, knowing that you're enjoying a boat designed for durability and performance.

Prices start at $37,999 and include a Boat, Suzuki 50 and Trailer. We have an Ice Blue model and a Claret Red model becoming available in the next week and build time is one month for any new/custom models. 

We are able to accept trade-ins from other manufactures as well as offer financing on all of our boats!


Suzuki Dealer

Wolfeboro Boat Company is now a full line Suzuki dealer as well as certified for Yamaha, Volvo, Mercury, and Sea Doo.

Financing Available on motors through Sheffield Financial.

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Suzuki has an excellent reputation in the marine industry for longevity which is important to us in a partnership.

We are currently offering motors ranging from 25-350 HP.

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